Imagine the possibilities. A superb audio/visual van parked in the perfect location with your advert playing out loud for all to see and hear.

Digital Ad Vans deliver your brand message directly to your target audience. Being mobile means there’s no limit to the exciting possibilities that come with having a versatile display that can be placed at venues and locations of all kinds.

From football grounds to city centres, our 4 x 2 metre, high resolution LED screen provides an amazing quality of picture whilst full audio capability allows for anything to be shown from a single promotional image or slideshow to a full live television broadcast.

What is a Digital Advan?

A digital ad van or digivan is a large LED screen. This screen is mobile so you can take it anywhere you want. Captivate your target audience with video and audio playing out on your advertising campaign.

Why Use Our Digital Ad Van?

Flexibility, creativity and endless opportunity. That’s the beauty of our ad van – it really is the ultimate mobile marketing tool at your disposal. Our Van comes equipped with a high quality LED screen and the latest sound technology so you can proudly display your business, product or service ad and have it seen by potentially thousands of motorists and the public. It’s hard not to have your eye caught by a powerful digital advertisement campaign, and your mobile moving advertisement can be parked up in a specified location or remain mobile on a cleverly planned route for everyone to see and hear.

The Ad Van is Yours

Our ad vans offer the most cost effective method of mobile advertising. They can be used for existing advertisements or up and coming product launches, sporting events and festivals as well as event and ceremony openings. Whatever you want and need. Choose from a single ad on a pre planned route or exclusively hire our van for the day, get in touch and we will do all we can to get your campaign to your audience.

Get in Touch

If you have any more questions or want to get your campaign moving then get in touch and we will get your brand on the road.

Town & City Centres

Towns and city centres are the ideal place to capture people’s attention! Shoppers can be directly influenced whilst they are in the buying mind-set.

Retail & Leisure Parks

Target shoppers at retail and leisure outlets across the UK’s busiest retail parks.


Use our vans at a stadium, whether it’s a music or a sports event and you’ll reach a large audience of people all in one place, at the same time. Perfect to showcase marketing messages to them whilst they’re captive and socialising.

Festivals & Concerts

Outdoor events are notoriously difficult to advertise to the scale of the audience. Our mobile screens solve this dilemma, they are easy to move and provide a large clear audio/visual display that’s hard to ignore.

Roads & Motorways

Capture a large audience attention when they’re sat in traffic or heading to the area you operate in. What better place for an ad to showcase your offering than one where they’re just about to arrive in your area.

The Choice is Yours!

Being able to promote your brand on the move is a powerful marketing tool. Don’t miss out on the ultimate advertising opportunity and let our professional, superb quality vehicle get your message out there.

Let’s take your marketing to the next level together.